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Mec-Gar is proud to be the Original Equipment Manufacturer of magazines to most of the prominent firearm manufacturers for the last 40 years including: AMT Armscor Astra Beretta Bernadelli FN Browning Bul Charles Daly Colt CZ Girsan IMI Kel-Tec Kimber Llama North American Arms Remington Ruger Sarsilmaz Sig Sauer Smith&Wesson Springfield Armory STI Standard Arms Star Steyr Tanfoglio Taurus Tisas and Walther.

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Magazine Loaders By MAGLULA

The StripLULA, LULA and UpLULA are great magazine loaders. The UpLULA loads just about any magazine with feed lips over 8mm. You can load single stack or double stack pistol magazines. It will handle most 9mm, 10 mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W and .45 ACP magazines.  

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Phone Hours:
Monday-Friday   9:00AM-6:00PM Eastern Time
Saturday            9:00AM-12:00PM Eastern Time

Phone 443-321-4676

Fax     443-321-4665

Orders can also be paid via the mail. You can choose to pay with a money order or check at checkout. However orders paid for with a personal check maybe held until the funds clear.

All items are only shipped within the United States, no international sales or sales to US Territories. Magazines are only shipped and sold to locations where they are legal, please know your laws. Please don't order anything that is illegal in your jurisdiction, I won't be able to ship it to you. Only 10 round magazines or less are shipped to CA, CT (see below), HI, MA, MD, Cook County, Illinois and NY State.  Colorado, New Jersey and Aurora, IL have a 15 round magazine limit. No magazines or firearm accessories are shipped to NYC.

Anybody ordering from GregCoteLLC.com warrants that he or she is an adult and is under no legal restrictions that would prohibit them from ordering, purchasing, owning, possessing, or transferring these items under all applicable federal, state or local laws.
Connecticut has new restrictions on magazines that have gone into effect. I can no longer accept website orders for magazines being shipped to Connecticut until I get documents emailed to me. Please email or call for further instructions.

Restrictions on the Purchase of Ammunition and Magazines for Connecticut:

Retailers and firearms owners throughout Connecticut will have to deal with new restrictions on the purchase of ammunition and magazines which have taken effect as part of Senate Bill 1160.

The law requires individuals over the age of 18 to obtain an ammunition certificate to purchase ammunition and magazines. If you already possess a valid state Permit to Carry Pistols and Revolvers or a newly created “long gun eligibility certificate,” you are exempt from this additional requirement to obtain a separate “ammunition and magazine certificate.” The “ammunition certificate” only allows you to purchase ammunition and magazines, no firearms whatsoever.

At GregCoteLLC.com everything ships for the low price of $6.95 (per order .... not per item).


Special purchase:

Sig Sauer P228/P229 13 RD 9mm, P226 15 RD 9mm and P229 12 RD .40/.357 factory style magazines by Mec-Gar only $22.95 each.



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